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Where can I park my scooter?
Where can I park my scooter?

Information on what parking bays look like, as well as restrictions on parking

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In our West Midlands scheme, you can park in a number of places. No matter where you park, please use the stand to keep the scooter upright.

Always park in a sensible location - keep your fellow pavement users in mind! 🚶 🚸

If you choose to park outside of these areas or in a parking bay with a 🚫 over the symbol, you will get an extra fee of £10. Please read here for more details on the out-of-bay and out-of-zone fee.

How can I know where to park?

During your journey, you will either see a green 'P' for parking. Or a red 🚫 over the parking symbol.

The red 🚫 No Parking symbol means that the bay is over-capacity or you cannot park scooters in those bays.

Restrictions on parking

Over-capacity bays

If a parking bay is over 150% capacity, you will receive an out-of-bay fee for parking in this bay. £10

Vehicle-specific bays

Some bays will be vehicle-specific. This means that you are not allowed to park in bays that are for scooters only, or for bikes only. If you park in a bay not intended for your vehicle type, you will receive an out-of-bay fine. £10

What do the parking bays look like?

Next to cycle hire docks

Please park up neatly next to the docks. In your app, you will see a parking symbol.

In a scooter rack

You can park neatly inside these docks.

In a marked bay

Our parking spots are marked by a green parking box on the floor. Coming soon!

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