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Parking restrictions for e-scooters
Parking restrictions for e-scooters

Over-capacity bays and vehicle-specific bays

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Some bays have parking restrictions. If you see the below parking sign in red, you cannot end your journey in that bay.

Over-capacity bays

If a parking bay is over 150% capacity, you will receive an out-of-bay fee for parking in this bay. £10

If you open the bay information before your journey, you will see there is 'limited' vs. 'available' drop-off space.

Vehicle-specific bays

Some bays will be vehicle-specific. This means that you are not allowed to park in bays that are for scooters only, or for bikes only.

If you park in a bay not intended for your vehicle type, you will receive an out-of-bay fine. £10

The following are bike-only bays:

  • Brindley Place

  • Quinton Road - Grove Lane

The following are scooter-only bays:

  • Five Ways Shopping Centre

  • Nursery Road/Barlows Road

  • Five Ways

  • Navigation Street/New Street Station

  • Old Square 2

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