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Go-slow and No-go zones

Riding restrictions for e-scooters in the West Midlands

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While you can hire, ride and park our Beryl vehicles across Birmingham, some places are more crowded than others. We’re making sure our scooters are safe for all riders, residents and visitors.

How to find the zones:

You can see the zones clearly marked in the app:

Beryl Zone: Outlined in pink and visible in-app. Please stay within the Beryl Zone. There's a penalty for parking outside a Beryl Zone, and scooters will restrict speed to walking pace outside of the zone.

Beryl Zones are outlined in pink

Go Slow Zone: Shaded in yellow with a tortoise. Scooters will automatically and gradually slow to a reduced speed of 3mph. If there is a clock icon, that will highlight the hours when the restrictions are in place.

Beryl Go Slow Zones are shaded in yellow

No Go Zone: Shaded in black with no entry icon. Scooters entering this zone will gradually slow to 3mph. You will need to walk your scooter back into the Beryl Zone to resume your ride. You will not be able to ride in this zone, but you can park and pause your journey here.

Beryl No Go Zones are shaded in black

We will send you a notification to let you know if you are approaching a zone, and a further notification if you enter one.

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