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Reporting the misuse of e-scooters
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For the trial of e-scooters, the Department of Transport has given clear rules for the use of e-scooters on roads in the UK. These include:

  • only rental e-scooters may be used (not personal e-scooters)

  • riders must hold a driving licence valid in the UK

  • e-scooters should be ridden on roads and in cycle lanes. They should not be used on pavements or in pedestrian areas.

Before renting an e-scooter, all our users are informed of these rules before they are allowed to ride.

Reporting to the police

If you see an e-scooter being ridden inappropriately or dangerously, please contact the police:

  • If you see an incident, accident or crime taking place, or are actively in danger, call 999 to report

  • If you are reporting an incident after the fact, call 101 with the details.

We work closely with the police in our towns and cities to investigate incidents and to ensure the rules around riding e-scooters are clear.

Reporting to us

All Beryl e-Scooters are equipped with GPS technology that we can use to track our users journeys.

In order to identify the e-Scooter users we kindly ask you to complete this form. We can then track the e-Scooters in our system and contact the users.

Reporting an e-scooter parked in the wrong place

If you see an e-scooter parked in an inappropriate location, please let the Beryl team know by emailing or calling 020 3003 5044.

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