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What happens if an eBike runs out of battery.
What happens if an eBike runs out of battery.

What to do if battery runs flay on eBike.

Written by Helen Page
Updated over a week ago

You can see the expected range of the eBike in the app before hiring a bike. We recommend choosing a bike that has a battery level suitable for the type of journey you're trying to make.

In the case that your eBike runs out of battery while riding, there are 2 options:

  1. Continue to ride! The motor on the e-bike is only assisting your pedalling, not doing all the work, and you can still ride the bike as normal without the pedal assist.

  2. If you feel unable to ride the bike without the pedal assist, find the nearest docking station and lock the bike to end your ride. In the case that you're very far from a docking station and feel unable to reach a bay, please end your journey by locking the bike in a considerate location. You will be charged any out of dock or out of zone fees based on that location.

Please note: as stated in our Terms of Service which you agree to before hiring an eBike, it is your responsibility to ensure the battery level on the bike is sufficient to cover the trip you intend to take. If you lock an ebike outside a docking station or a the zone (red line) because the battery has discharged and the pedal assist has stopped working, you will be charged accordingly and this will not be considered grounds for a refund.


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